Humanlab – Projects and training


The University’s performing arts community to experience freedom, creativity and self awareness. A CREATIVE, PEDAGOGIC PROJECT born in 2018.



The project creates a space, a time, a community where the students researchers and professors can experience what they are learning from books through a creative experiential active process. 

The University Drama Laboratorium project aims to: 

  • Experiment learning as a creative process that involves body and emotions.  Motion and emotions have an important influence on our attention, learning attitude, memory retention and problem solving.
  • Strengthen relationships and empathy between people. Playing a character means to put yourself in another human being’s point of view; through this experience you learn how to empathize with another person’s condition. 
  • Lead students in a creative elaboration of a theme that allows them to be active in the learning process.


Our address

Fussingsvej 8, 1. nord   
8700 Horsens

Contact info

Anna: +45  26 48 80 70
Marco: +45 26 48 80 76