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Month of Commedia dell’Arte

“Month of Commedia dell’Arte” is a 30 days cultural exchange between Denmark and Italy, in partnership with IIC Copenaghen – Det Italienske Kulturinstitut i København.

During this month we’ll be moving on two different levels:

  • Digital: 30 days of video contents about historical facts, curiosities and inteviews on Commedia dell’Arte.
  • Practical: We’ll meet Danish theatre students in all Denmark in order to look for an answer to the following questions.

How much is our body expressivity influenced by biology and how much by our cultural background when we put a mask on? What new reworking the meeting between Danish society, sensibility and creativity and a tradition as old as Commedia dell’Arte can bring?

The project involves the following institutions:

Aarhus Universitet (DK)

Copenaghen International School for Performing Arts

Viby Efterskole

Ry Højskole

Hoptrup Efterskole

Skanderup Efterskole

Skuespiller Akademiet

Ophelia Skuespiller skole

Efterskole Ådalen

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Fussingsvej 8, 1. nord   
8700 Horsens

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Anna: +45  26 48 80 70
Marco: +45 26 48 80 76