Humanlab – Educational, theatre based, site specific experiences

Our journey started 10 years ago

HUMANLAB is an Italian company for performing arts education and research, founded by Anna Penati and Marco Zavarise, and based in Denmark. Our common journey started 10 years ago studying drama at the Civic Academy of Dramatic Arts Nico Pepe in Italy, where we graduated professional actors in 2014.

What is behind the product?

A constant and dynamic dialogue between tradition and innovation.

Later, fascinated by “the process”, “what is behind the product”, we decided to keep going studying and we specialized ourself in theatre training and education with a deep focus on Active Analysis and physical training techniques. 

Our creative and teaching process is a constant and dynamic dialogue between tradition and innovation.

We do believe in studying tradition to innovate because

The farther you want to shoot an arrow, the farther you need to flex the bow back.

Performers and people

Thanks to our travels, today our baggage is brimming with an abundance of stories, different perspectives, four foreign languages, a daughter, colleagues scattered all over the world. 

Such richness stimulates us to bring the theater into the most various fields: performing arts , engineering, marketing, cognitive sciences, with a common focus: the human being and its potential beauty and power.

Recent collaborations: Aarhus Universitet (DK), VIA Universitet (DK), Det Italienske Kulturinstitut i København, Copenaghen International School for Performing Arts, Viby Efterskole, Ry Højskole, Hoptrup Efterskole, Skanderup Efterskole, Skuespiller Akademiet, Ophelia Skuespiller skole, Efterskole Ådalen







Our address

Fussingsvej 8, 1. nord   
8700 Horsens

Contact info

Anna: +45  26 48 80 70
Marco: +45 26 48 80 76